Case Study

Data-Driven Renewal

How Carecloud Fought A 25% Health Plan Renewal

CareCloud, a leading cloud-based Healthcare IT company, faced a significant renewal on their health plan rates for the upcoming year for their employee group of 250 people.


Lumity’s benefits consultants analyzed CareCloud’s benefits program and available employee data. After anonymizing the data to ensure privacy, the Lumity team ran a member-level risk analysis which returned a more favorable assessment of the group’s health risk profile against the significant increase they faced with their current carrier.

Armed with the analysis in-hand, Lumity’s broker operations team went into rate negotiations with other carriers able to provide this unique level of insight.

Once plan rates were locked in with CareCloud’s new insurance carrier, Lumity’s dedicated communication and customer success team worked together to create an ongoing employee engagement plan that included benefits guides and open enrollment materials providing employees with to-the-point information about their health plan and benefits program.


With data insights to fight the high renewal, Lumity was able to turn the significant renewal into a 12% “trend” renewal for CareCloud with no compromise in the quality of coverage. With Lumity’s data-driven approach to plan design, new health plan options were offered to better fit the various needs of the employees.

As CareCloud’s dedicated benefits consultant and broker, Lumity’s service and software benefits solution were available at no additional cost to the company.

Negotiating corporate health plans can be daunting and confusing, but Lumity guided us through the process with a clear and transparent approach. They were able to deliver cost savings with a data-driven plan for negotiating favorable results. Lumity got our renewal down to 12%. We see the direct results of their services and believe in the Lumity advantage.


Ana Ribeiro

VP of Human Resources

CareCloud provides cloud-based health information technology software and services.

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