Case Study

Seamless Transition, Cost Savings


GoFundMe, a 250-person company with multiple offices, was planning their next phase of growth. They needed a benefits solution to support recruiting and retention and achieve financial and administrative efficiency.


Lumity’s threefold process for GoFundMe included:

• Plan design and benefit contribution assessments
• People team workflow analysis and technology assessments
• Branded communications planning

Working closely with GoFundMe, Lumity analyzed current plan designs to find areas of improvement. Using its exclusive risk models, Lumity helped GoFundMe benchmark potential cost savings.

Lumity assessed the preferred technology solutions and regular task management processes of GoFundMe’s people team. Areas were identified to enhance integration with Lumity’s technology and improve administrative efficiency.

For open enrollment, Lumity delivered employee education materials for all offices. Lumity ensured the GoFundMe’s people team had what they needed to educate employees on their benefits changes. And the Lumity platform delivered 1:1 decisioning guidance for employees during the plan selection process.


GoFundMe was able to save more than $300k on their new benefits program due to Lumity’s calculated approach to plan design and contribution strategy.

Employees felt more engaged in their benefits selections, confident about their choices, and pleased with the year-round support provided by Lumity.

The overall benefits process improvement earned GoFundMe’s people team internal recognition for their contributions towards the business and culture.

When you go through benefit program changes there are so many moving parts to keep track of for your team and your employees that it can get really challenging to manage and maintain. Lumity came to us with apparent financial benefits but the high-touch partnership approach helped us feel like we could collaborate on program development, admin, and execution through our inevitable growth stages.

Stephanie Cunningham at Gofundme

Stephanie Cunningham

Head of People Operations

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform enabling people to raise money for different life events.

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