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Deliver a superior benefits experience for employer and employee by combining data insights, technology, and expertise into a single platform

Our story

In 2014 Tariq Hilaly and Senthil Nagarajan were both dealing with personal healthcare issues in their families. As benefits consumers in both employer and employee roles, they envisioned a better experience that delivered a triple bottom line:
Cost Savings, Better Outcomes, Superior Experience

Leadership team


Tariq Hilaly


At Tariq’s previous company Motif Investing, he had first-hand experience making company benefits decisions and it was, frustratingly, a lot like everyone else’s; working with insurance brokers and taking their recommendations at face value. The total lack of visibility had him wondering what value he and his employees were getting for their premiums and why they always seemed to expect a rise in costs year to year. When his wife became seriously ill, he also learned the headache of making important healthcare decisions. Tariq co-founded Lumity to bring transparency and accountability to the benefits ecosystem, and to build an experience that benefits both employer and employee.


Senthil Nagarajan


After experiencing a major illness in his family, Senthil partnered with his co-founder and friend from business school Tariq Hilaly, and the two decided to make a change in the benefits industry. As chief of operations, Senthil is in charge of scaling Lumity’s back-end services, including aspects of automating processes and data streams


Jonathan Surridge


As a seasoned CFO, Jon has led compliance and finance teams in the fintech ecosystem at companies like Motif Investing and RealtyShares. Jon lends his deep operations and finance experience to Lumity’s initiatives to expand into new markets.


Amit Ahluwalia

National Employee Benefits Practice Leader

With a career dedicated to the HR and Benefits space, first as Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer CBIZ MHM Resources and then as the VP of Business Development at WageWorks, Amit is a seasoned executive at the forefront of transformative companies in the benefits space. As National Employee Benefits Practice Leader at Lumity, Amit brings deep insights in the HR and benefits technology landscape, as well as a core understanding of the unique challenges confronting traditional benefits brokers in a rapidly shifting ecosystem.


Suzi Harstrick

VP of Client Services

Throughout a dynamic 25-year career as a Senior Customer Care Executive, Suzi has built a proven track record in leading domestic and international contact centers for global corporations and startups including Charles Schwab and E-Trade. Her success is balanced by a focus on execution and a fearless approach to resolving business challenges. Suzi drives cross-functional operations that focus on the customer and continuously assess and prioritize resource utilization to ensure the highest level, mission-critical objectives and goals are met or exceeded.


Siva Chandrasekharan

Head of Engineering

Siva brings over 25 years of experience in software development, with deep domain experience in fintech, big data, recommendation engines, and API integration—and a passion for building market-leading technology. Prior to joining Lumity, Siva led global software engineering teams at Verifone, Undertone, TiVo, and IBM.


Aaron Huang

VP of Marketing

As an entrepreneur, Aaron’s last venture was an AI-based speech pathology application, and he is always looking to contribute to initiatives that make a meaningful impact. With a background in economics and a masters in risk management, Aaron is a strong contributor in all areas of growth at Lumity, with a focus on product marketing and go-to-market strategies for both consumer and enterprise.


Neel Sheth

VP of Product

As a graduate of MIT, Neel started his career as an engineer at Boeing, eventually shifting to a product role managing product initiatives at Intel. As head of product, Neel drives the benefits experience for both employer and employee on Lumity’s platform, including data initiatives, enrollment decisioning, analytics, and back-end automation.


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